We don’t reinvent the wheel, we build a rocket in a world of beer lovers.

Simplicity, no complexity.

We in Brewer know that beer lovers are many and they know a lot about Craft beer. The community must grow and use only the best, easiest and most understandable tools. This is our goal.
We help to form a community
Our mission is to help people who beer-lovers and brewers get an honest, high-quality rating for beer, as well as for bars, restaurants and breweries. We are developing the community by offering users and brewers new experiences when evaluating their products.
Improving user experience
We have chosen our path when content and images come first in the interface. Together with these rules, we simplify the interface for performing the most requested actions by the users of other services.We analysed a lot of information and talked with our competitors' users to create the best solution.
Flexible settings for users
You've asked for this for so long, but nobody has done it. Flexible settings for displaying your data and the community activity. Many settings that require a minimum of effort. Everything is intuitive and fast, because we value the opinion of each user.
Metasearch for buying beer
Each country has its own rules for the delivery of alcohol, as well as its own startups. You had to download many apps to find the best price and beer delivery option. Now we take care of this. If you are going to buy beer and arrange delivery, we will show you the best offer and help you with ordering.
Business solutions
All the data used by the owners of bars, restaurants and breweries for business development and sales has become more informative and accessible. A personal account, both in a mobile phone and a browser, will help make strategic and operational decisions with minimal risks.
Technology for users
We use the latest technological solutions such as AR, QR, App Clips and NFC, expanding the capabilities of our service.
Not a unicorn, but a rocket
We have thoroughly studied the beer market over the past 10 years and analysed all the top services to evaluate different beer brands. After reading hundreds of positive and negative reviews of these services, we came to the conclusion that we have a lot of work.
And a lot more...
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